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Kotlin is a simple, concise & powerful development language which makes Android development much easier. It is 100% interoperable with Java and offers a new world of possibilities to developers coming from Java. Star Android is a comprehensive training program on Kotlin for Android development. The program helps the learners acquire a fundamental understanding of Android programming and its various components in detail. It is a must have for mobile application development enthusiasts who want to understand the finer nuances of the dynamic development that is synonymous with Android programming.

Android offers a unified approach to application development for mobile devices which means their apps should be able to run on different devices powered by Android.


Beginner Level

Android Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Creating robust mobile applications and learn how to integrate them with other services
  • Creating intuitive, reliable mobile apps using the android services and components
  • Create a seamless user interface that works with different mobile screens

Course Outcome

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Build enterprise level mobile applications with Kotlin on Android
  • Understand both the basic and advanced concepts of Kotlin
  • Understand why use Kotlin over Java
  • Install and configure Android Studio
  • Explain and use key Android programming concepts
  • Deploy the application on Google Play
  • Become a certified Android developer

Table Of Contents Outline

  1. Fundamentals Of Kotlin Programming Language
  2. Introduction To Android 8.0
  3. Exploring Basics Of Android-Application Components
  4. Designing UI and using Views
  5. Implementing Data Persistence
  6. Graphics, Animations, Camera & Input Gestures In Android
  7. Communication in Android & Developing Project

Exam Details

Exam Codes Android - Essential S07-115 (Academy customers use the same codes)
Launch Date Dec 01 2019
Number of Questions 60
Type of Questions Multiple Choice
Length of Test 90 Minutes
Passing Score 70
Recommended Experience Beginner Level
Languages English

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