Value of Ethical Hacking Certification

Hacking is one of a common practice where a person will tend to modify the features of a system, in order to accomplish a goal which can be outside of the creator’s goal.

The person who is consistently hacking other computers and had taken it as their lifestyle is referred to as a hacker.

Usually, hackers have different motivations like attacking for stealing in formations, to display their dominance, for embezzlement, greed, money, for fun, they also tend to sell government/corporate companies secrets and showing off their misguided creativity.

Attacking systems and Passwords

Passwords are the most accessible control method used to manage the use of system, network and its applications. The widespread uses of password for securing confidential messages make them as a favorite target for the attackers.

These unauthorized intrusions are generally done by using the weakness in passwords. With the method of password cracking they also use a brute force attack where a hacker tries random sequences of characters.

Recently, many WordPress blogs became a victim of brute force attacks due to having weak login passwords. And therefore, it is suggested that you should use a strong password on your blogs.

An automated brute force attack on an eight password that uses characters from a standard QWERTY keyboard would take millions of years to figure it out.

Since brute force attacks are difficult, many times attackers will try to figure out using a stolen database of hashed passwords and breaking using a dictionary attack. A rainbow table uses a high list of pre-computed hash values of almost all possible combinations of passwords.

These tables are faster than the dictionary and the brute force attacks will need only less memory. A14 character password that would need millions of year can be easily cracked in an hour with this rainbow tables.

Hacking is Good

What if I say hacking is good? Yes. What I mean is Ethical hacking is good. An ethical hacker is a computer and network expert who attacks the security system on behalf of the owners, seeking vulnerabilities that a malicious could exploit.

White hat hackers are no harm as they don’t steal and uses your skills in a bad way as that of black hat hackers. They always use their hacking skills in a good way, by protecting people and their data.

Their purpose is simple- To secure and evaluate the possible threats in a network system. They also exploit the existing problems and vulnerabilities to determine whether it was suspicious activity.

So ethical hacking is good and much needed in this era of advanced hackers to protect one’s data.

Roots of Ethical Hacking

During the 1970s, When the United States Government used groups of experts called red teams to hack its own computer systems.

According to Ed Skoudis, Vice President of Security Strategy for Prediction Systems’ Global Integrity consulting practice, EHE has grown in an otherwise IT industry and is becoming increasingly common even after outside the technology and government sectors where it initially began.

In order to test a security system, these hackers use the same methods as that of their fewer counterparts but report the possible vulnerabilities to that of its owner, instead of taking advantage and using it for their own purpose. Ethical Hacking is also known by various names like,

• Intrusion Testing
• Penetration Tracking
• Red Teaming

Ethical Hackers

Any skilled professional having an excellent knowledge on the technical aspects of hacking and has enough skills to hack and find out the possible vulnerabilities can be referred to as a white hat or an ethical hacker.

An ethical hacker is sometimes referred to as a white hat. It is a term that got its name from the Old western movie where the “good guy” wore a white hat and the bad guy wore a black hat.

As he works with the permission of the organization’s owner itself he is the white hat and he must work and abide by the rules provided by the organization.

Certificate courses on Ethical hacking

A certificate ethical hacker has more credit than a person who doesn’t have one. The ethical hacking certification from star certification guarantees people in the particular system security order of Moral Hacking from a seller nonpartisan perspective.

The Reason for the EHE certification is to, build up and oversee least gauges for credentialing proficient data security pros in hacking measures in a moral way, illuminate people in general that credentialed people meet or surpass the base benchmarks and to fortify hacking morally as an extraordinary and automatic calling.

The security outlook in any association must not be restricted to the storehouses of a specific seller, advances or bits of hardware. This moral hacking course places one in the driver’s seat of a hands-on condition with an orderly procedure.

One will be presented to an altogether extraordinary method for accomplishing ideal data security pose in their association. One will check, test, hack and secure one’s own frameworks.

One will be instructed the five periods of moral hacking and the approaches to approach the objective and prevail at breaking in without fail. The five stages incorporate Surveillance, Getting entrance, Specification, Looking after Access, and covering one’s tracks.

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